Here Comes The Fall Season!

Here Comes The Fall!

There’s a chill in the air when you step out of the truck to launch the boat. Schools of mullet push wakes across the flats as the sun creeps off of the horizon, and the fish are going nuts! The water temperature dropped to 76 degrees this past week and the fall bite turned on! Redfish have been binge eating finger mullet like they are going out of style! I like to fish them tail hooked on an Eyestrike Jighead under a popping cork, or free-lined with a 4/0 Owner Circle hook. The artificial bite for redfish has been getting fired up too on the new ZMan Kicker CrabZ rigged on an Eyestrike Swimbait Eye for more open water or a Texas Eye for fishing around oyster bars. Smother it and Cover it with Pro Cure like a Waffle House Breakfast for an extra bite. The trout finally fired off for us on Saturday, catching 20 fish on Zman Minnowz in the Slam Shady color.

Focus On Catching Good Quality Bait To Have More Successful Trips

To catch finger mullet, idle around or use the trolling motor on the flats and creeks and look for v wakes. Low tide is the best, as the finger mullet will be out of the grass. Normally you will see one jump occasionally. Get the largest cast net you can comfortably throw well (I prefer a 10ft 3/8” mesh Calusa to cover the most water but an 8fter will get the job done.) and throw right on top of the v wakes. The fish have been hitting finger mullet anywhere from 3 inches to 6 inches, the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish! It is very important to let the fish take the bait for a handful of seconds as it is a lot of bait to eat. If you rush the process and try and reel or set the hook too quickly the fish won’t have the mullet in their mouth all of the way and you will lose the fish. If you do miss a fish, bring your bait back in and put a fresh mullet on. Also, remember not to overfill your live well with bait. Fresh healthy bait catches more fish than sad, beat-up bait does. Less bait in the livewell equals more oxygen for each bait.

I hope this report and tips help you catch more fish this fall!

Capt. Stephen

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